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AmeriGlide Toronto-Aurora is made up of a team of experts dedicated to helping you live your best. While you may be dealing with the effects of aging or a disability, we are here to help you live a full life free of limitations. Our high quality products will help you overcome any mobility or disability challenges.

The arrival of AmeriGlide Toronto-Aurora represents a fresh, bold, and enterprising new presence on the Canadian mobility equipment marketplace.  AmeriGlide Canada provides a unique opportunity for Canadians to enjoy the same quality products and low prices that are available in the United States, thus closing the unwarranted price disparity that has existed between the two countries and affected the entire range of mobility equipment.  We have successfully solved the perennial problem of “low-value country pricing” for our Canadian customers.

The choice to work with AmeriGlide, the United States’ leading online retailer of mobility and disability equipment, was an easy one. They have built a reputation for superior customer service by following a simple formula:  provide quality products at an affordable price.  AmeriGlide’s focus is on value. They are constantly looking for ways to streamline the manufacturing and installation process in order to cut costs without compromising quality.  It is a simple, straightforward business model that relies on the tried and tested fact that providing good products at affordable prices will inevitably produce success.


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We know that people all over Canada face mobility and accessibility challenges inside their own homes and throughout their community.  That is why we strongly believe that everyone should have access to the tools and equipment that can allow them to enjoy an independent lifestyle at an affordable price.  Pairing up with AmeriGlide has allowed us to better meet the needs of the people in our community.  

Launched in June 2013, AmeriGlide Canada has already been hailed as a budget-friendly provider of safe mobility equipment including:  wheelchairs, scooters, stair lifts, bath lifts and other accessibility equipment.  In just a short time, our products have gained popularity due to the high quality, professional after-sales services and incredible affordability.  Some of our products start below $200, which is significantly lower than the average prices for similar products in Canada.

AmeriGlide is dedicated to providing a complete customer service experience to all our clients.  From delivery and installation to financing options and expert demonstrations, we will be with you every step of the way. AmeriGlide Toronto-Aurora has Product Agents located throughout Ontario, providing easy access to expert advice.