Where Are Walk In Bathtubs Used?

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Many assisted living facilities depend on walk in bathtubs to properly care for their residents.Where Are Walk In Bathtubs Used?

Walk in bathtubs are ideal in a variety of settings where easy and safe access to bathing is desired. With a large aging baby boomer population, demand has increased tremendously for safety features such as non-slip floors, the ability to step in rather than up, easy-grip handles, safety bars, and comfortable seats, afforded by a walk in bathtub.

In environments frequented by seniors, the disabled, the obese, or the injured with limited mobility, a durable, safe, and easy-to-clean walk in bath tub can make all the difference in quality of life by alleviating the fear of falling and enabling individuals to care for themselves and live more independently. Walk in bath tubs are designed to be virtually effortless to enter, use, and exit, and come with doors that have a watertight seal to prevent leaks and splashing that otherwise might make floors a slippery hazard.

By minimizing accidents, a walkin bath tub can also reduce costly injuries, suffering, and potential lawsuits for organizations that serve elderly and handicapped populations. With optional massage and spa capabilities often available, those with health issues such as circulation problems or debilitating pain, commonly seen in diabetic patients and those with crippling arthritis, may also benefit from the use of a walk-in bathtub for therapeutic purposes.

Tubs with low step-in heights are frequently sought for installation in private homes, but demand has also grown dramatically as companies and facilities realize that walk in bathtubs are a wise long-term investment that can both save money and minimize risk of injury to the clientele they cater to and to employees such as nurses and others who often are expected to assist with bathing.

Older patients and customers with disabilities are more likely to patronize a business if it offers amenities that make them feel secure and confident, rather than embarrassed or incompetent, and therefore incorporating walk in bath tubs can provide a competitive edge when attempting to attract and service the senior crowd.

There are a wide array of locations, besides residential single-family homes, where walk in bath tubs can be a practical and useful feature, such as in senior housing complexes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, condo buildings and apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, day spas, rehabilitation clinics and physical therapy centers, mobile and modular homes, recreational vehicles, independent living facilities, fitness centers, in cruise ship suites, and in group homes that serve the mentally handicapped, disabled, or elderly, to name only a few.

Walk in bathtubs can help builders, health care providers, and those in the recreation and hospitality industries to meet market demands and gain loyal customers by providing greater value, preventing physical harm, and offering the elderly and impaired who are struggling with restricted mobility the secure bathing environment they desire to enhance their well-being and maintain their independence.


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